Our Team

Wen Chan

Data Scientist
Cognitive scientist with experience in human cognition, electrophysiology, and behaviors, and domain expertise in signal processing and predictive analytics.


Design experiments to evaluate human cognition and behaviors with mixed methods

Establish signal processing pipelines for biosignals

Analyze neural time series data

Apply machine learning such as clustering, classification, and regression to data analytics

Build statistical models for analysis and inference


PhD in Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego

MS in Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego

BS in Psychology, National Taiwan University


  • 10+ yrs experience in human cognition research using electrophysiological, computational, and behavioral methods
  • EEG and eye-movement experimentation and analytics
  • Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of California San Diego, focused on predictions on human language processing
  • Published in Psychophysiology, PNAS, IEEE EMBC, NeuroReport, and proceedings of cognitive neuroscience conferences


  • Digital biomarker discovery
  • Medical imaging
  • User experience and human factors
  • Neurotechnology consulting