Our Team

Wei Xiao

UX Designer
UX designer skilled at human-centric design for user experience and user interfaces


User research including market research, user interviews, persona creation, empathy map
Wireframing and prototyping
Usability testing including A/B testing and task-based testing
User interface design
Data visualization


UX Design, Designlab
Urban Design, University of Texas at Austin
Urban Planning, Hebei University of Engineering


  • Former urban designer/project manager who focuses on designing for community health and urban spatial experience
  • Web and app-based application design for B2B companies
  • Graphic design for visual communication including marketing brochures and company branding


  • Website branding and design
  • End-to-end mobile app design
  • User research, testing, wireframing, and prototyping
  • Mapping, diagramming, rendering, and 3d modeling