Our Team

Savannah Gosnell

Senior Data Scientist
Neuroscientist specializing in creating scalable data pipelines for clinical trials and digital diagnostics


Time-series signal processing to support clinical trial analysis and retention
Digital diagnostics for psychiatric assessment  
Identifying biomarkers of neurological disorders using biosensors - ECG, voice/video analysis
Data pipeline generation for quality assurance and data management


PhD, Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine
BS, Neuroscience, Baylor University


  • ML classification and clustering for clinical trial enrichment/diagnostic subtyping
  • Created a scalable, automated ECG preprocessing and feature extraction pipeline to be deployed across clinical trials
  • Voice/video analysis for predicting depression


  • Published in peer-reviewed journals including Translational Psychiatry, Human Brain Mapping, and others.
  • Research focus on trans-diagnostic approach to psychiatric disorders/symptoms using neuroimaging - structural and resting state functional MRI
  • ECG pre-processing, heart rate variability algorithms, and rhythm analysis