Our Team

Sam Regenbogen

Principal Data Scientist and Director of NLP
Computational biologist with experience leading, designing, and deploying full-stack products and platforms for biomedical knowledge extraction and exploration to support hypothesis generation and accelerate discovery


Drug discovery/repurposing, MOA prediction, target prioritization
Biomedical knowledge extraction and NLP
Machine learning: clustering, classification, and predictive analytics, collaborative filtering, graph theory/network analysis, General recommender systems


PhD, Pharmacology, Baylor College of Medicine
BS, Biology (Pharmacology Concentration), Duke University


  • Designing AI/ML product strategy across biotech verticals
  • Leading cross-functional teams to solve complex problems and create scalable solutions and products
  • Creating and deploying operational and impactful AI/ML models


  • Publications and presentations in Cell, PNAS, PSB, KDD 2014 and 2015
  • Evolutionary biology, pharmacology, knowledge discovery
  • Collaborated with IBM Watson team to productize biological knowledge extraction using NLP and discover novel protein-protein interactions