Our Team

Michael Bell

Principal Data Scientist
Broad computational experience spanning physics, mathematics, biology, and domain expertise in image processing, machine learning, and AI.


Signal, image, and language processing

Machine learning algorithms

Data science strategy consulting

Project management


PhD, Quantitative and Computational Biosciences, Baylor College of Medicine

BS, Physics, Millsaps College


  • Design and develop multi-modal data pipelines and modeling strategies to extract insights from video to guide the discovery of digital biomarkers in mental health
  • Design and develop multi-modal data pipelines to extract insights from actigraphy, ECG, EEG, video, and clinical data to discover digital biomarkers in neurodevelopmental disorders such as ASD
  • Implement computer vision models for object detection in edge and cloud environments
  • Partner with high-growth companies to develop AI strategy and data science roadmaps
  • Develop and automate state-of-the-art image processing workflows for electron cryo-microscopy


  • Digital biomarkers for neurobehavioral health
  • Structural biology & molecular biophysics
  • Gravitational-wave physics
  • Imaging technology (cameras, electron and light microscopes, telescopes, geospatial, etc.)
  • Machine learning/artificial intelligence