Our Team

Michael Bell

VP of Platforms
AI Product Strategist focused on identifying high-impact opportunities and designing, managing, and delivering innovative solutions that drive growth


AI/ML system architectures | Continuous learning
High-throughput image processing & analysis
Natural Language Processing & GenAI
AI/ML Strategy & Go-to-Market


PhD in Quantitative & Computational Biosciences from Baylor College of Medicine. Dissertation: Computational Workflows for Electron Cryomicroscopy.


  • Delivered numerous AI/ML solutions across multiple industries, particularly healthcare and life sciences
  • Clinical trials & biomarker discovery and validation.
  • Real-time video and sensor analytics
  • IoT, Wearables, and Edge AI
  • Multi-tenant SaaS platforms for AI/ML & MLOps


  • Principal Consultant & Director of Technology @ MercuryDS
  • Bias Mitigation for facial recognition
  • MLOps & Biomarker platform development
  • Chief Data Scientist @ Teknoir
  • Operational AI/ML strategy & platform roadmap
  • Turn-key solutions for safety & productivity