Our Team

Jonathan Gallion

Principal Data Scientist and VP of Data Science
Computational biologist with 10+ years experience in designing, developing and deploying AI/ML solutions, algorithms, and products across a range of industries including pharma, biotech, retail, healthcare, medtech devices, and manufacturing


Ensure alignment of AI/ML and product strategy to business goals and voice of customer
Algorithmic experience including: deep learning, clustering, segmentation modeling, graph/network analyses, NLP, digital diagnostics.
Omics analyses, MOA discovery, drug discovery, sequence analyses


PhD, Quantitative and Computational Biosciences, Baylor College of Medicine
BS, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Oregon State University
BS, Microbiology, Oregon State University


  • Designing AI/ML product strategy across verticals
  • Leads cross-functional teams to solve complex problems and create scalable solutions and products
  • Creating and deploying operational and impactful AI/ML models


  • Pharmaceutical HTS drug discovery, assay design, lead prioritization
  • Multiomic analyses for protein function, pathway analyses, disease prediction, and MOA interpretation.
  • Developing and deploying AI powered products across a range of industries and data types.