Our Team

David Rimel

Data Scientist
Data Scientist with expertise in computational physics, high performance computing, numerical analysis, signal processing, and software engineering.


Machine Learning algorithms
Computational Physics
High performance computing
Signal processing
Data Science


BS, Physics, university of Colorado at Boulder
M.Sc. Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering, Michigan State University


  • Simulating Photonic Devices
  • Teaching Introductory Data Science courses
  • Machine learning/data science
  • Physics informed machine learning
  • Computational particle physics
  • Developing numerical algorithms for distributed memory systems


  • Developed numerical solvers for a molecular dynamics code base that could utilize distributed memory computing architectures
  • Developed genetic algorithms to tune coarse grained particle potentials in molecular dynamics simulations
  • Created denoising ML model for sparse MRI measurements
  • Used Gaussian process regression to interpolate between