Generative AI

Large language model based solutions designed specifically for life sciences

We are the AI team for life sciences.

According to McKinsey, decision making costs a typical Fortune 500 company around $250 million each year, and executives on average spend almost 40 percent of their time making decisions. In life sciences, decision making is particularly difficult: many data sources and formats exist, biology is complex, substantial capital is needed, regulatory factors come into play, numerous partners and stakeholders are involved, all within the high-stakes realm of human health. We are a team that brings intelligence to your data, helping your team unlock new insights and opportunities in the ever-evolving life sciences landscape.

We specialize in applying cutting-edge AI technology to life sciences. We develop, deploy, and optimize advanced AI solutions powered by the latest generation of Large Language Models (LLMs) within secure and scalable cloud environments. Our solutions deliver precise insights, underpinned by robust scientific and clinical evidence. In life sciences, it is paramount that claims be accurate and verifiable; we are dedicated to ensuring that our solutions meet these critical standards allowing you to to generate high-quality insights.

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