Digital Health

Full stack AI applications for connected medical devices and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)

This is the most exciting time for HealthTech, as new technology is being applied at every stage of life sciences and healthcare, from clinical trials, to diagnostics, treatments, precision medicine, monitoring and consumer applications. A complex set of expertise is required to bring HealthTech innovation to market.

We create digital strategies and solutions for connected medical devices and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) to accelerate time to market.

We work with connected medical device and SaMD teams to develop a digital strategy that considers the data, algorithms, architecture, integrations, and patient and provider experience.

We design mobile applications to optimize patient engagement and ensure the capture of valuable real-world data. 

We train predictive models to monitor health conditions and generate alerts when interventions are required. 

We design and implement cloud infrastructure that supports MLOps considerations including collaboration, traceability, model monitoring, and maintenance.

Our solutions for Digital Health

Develop digital strategy

Develop analytics to gain insight and generate evidence from clinical trial and real world data

Design and build companion applications

Train predictive models to diagnose, alert or monitor

Capture real-world data

Improve outcomes

Examples of our work supporting Digital Health

Next Steps

From strategy to deployment, we partner with you where you are in the AI/ML lifecycle.