BioPharma R&D

Cloud-scale bioinformatic and NLP solutions for faster drug development
Drug discovery remains a global endeavor requiring access to, and analyses of, more data than ever. Finding the right drug candidates at the optimal Intersection of target binding, bioavailability, pharmacological activity, safety, market access, and patient need is essential.

A holistic view of your pre-clinical data, in context of global biomedical data sets, will increase your drug pipeline’s chances.
We build data science products to help you: 

Contextualize assay results in the context of known biomedical relationships

Advance and prioritize drug development pipelines

Support pathway analyses

Find partnerships and licensing opportunities with knowledge of the global pharmaceutical market

Discover gene-to-disease relationships for indication selection

Maintain competitive intelligence…

Our platform, ERGO, allows scientists to quickly discover new insights from exponentially growing biomedical datasets to make more informed decisions.

Scientists can make better decisions, faster, by unifying vast amounts of data into an intuitive user experience

Scientists gain an immediate and holistic view of data at the Intersection of their assay results and the collective biomedical knowledge of humanity

Examples of our work supporting Biopharma R&D

Next Steps

From strategy to deployment, we partner with you where you are in the AI/ML lifecycle.