Clinical trial insights platform

Advance precision medicine: Multi-modal analysis of clinical trial data

VIVO enables biopharma sponsors to accelerate clinical trial data science analyses to maximize drug development success.

VIVO enables innovative approaches such as AI, ML, and deep computational phenotyping to identify and validate biomarkers to aid patient stratification, increase knowledge of disease progression, and identify enriched groups of responders for future recruiting strategies.

VIVO-Bio - Find signal in Molecular
Find the most predictive biological signals

VIVO applies robust bioinformatics workflows to tie biological pathways to outcomes. Ingest and merge multi-omics and biochemical datasets to confidently identify predictive biomarkers and optimize modeling performance.

VIVO-Digital - Find signal in Digital
Gain value from all digital data sources

VIVO stratifies patients and quantitatively assesses therapeutic response and provides key insights into cognitive and emotional response. VIVO supports pathology and radiology images and a wide range of digital biosensor data including EEG, ECG, video, voice, and language/sentiment analysis of transcripts.

Accelerate data science
Enable rapid experimentation

VIVO is an end-to-end pipeline transforming raw data to final biological insight, designed to allow maximum flexibility to experiment and modify workflows with flexible functionalities for biology.

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