Digital and Molecular Biomarker Discovery Platform

Advance precision medicine: Accelerate discovery and validation of biomarkers

Precision medicine increasingly demands sophisticated discovery of biomarkers that improve our understanding of complex diseases and identify patient segments more responsive to specific treatments. The VIVO platform was built to help biopharma sponsors automate data science analyses at scale to maximize drug development and diagnostic success. 

VIVO enables accelerated analyses of clinical trial data to discover biomarkers to subtype diseases, identify enriched groups of responders for future recruiting strategies, and build a foundation for diagnostics to support precision medicine. Our biomarker discovery platform, combined with our expert data science team, will interpret, validate, and translate your discoveries.

VIVO-Digital - Discover Digital Biomarkers
Gain value from all digital data sources simultaneously

VIVO helps stratify patients and quantitatively assess therapeutic response as well as provide key insights into cognitive and emotional response. VIVO supports a wide range of digital biosensor data including EEG, ECG, video, voice, and language/sentiment analysis of transcripts. VIVO processes each of these raw data types, transforming them into a suite of more advanced features and transformations thereby extracting all potential value from your data. VIVO then identifies which of these signals are most strongly predictive of both biological and clinical outcomes.

VIVO-Bio - Discover Molecular Biomarkers
Identify which biological signals are most predictive

VIVO applies robust bioinformatics workflows to tie biological pathways to outcomes. It ingests and merges multi-omics datasets to confidently identify predictive biomarkers and optimize modeling performance.

Through automated processing of your molecular profiling data, VIVO identifies which molecular biomarkers are most predictive of your disease or outcome of interest and illuminates the physiological drivers of predictive signals without black box solutions. 

VIVO’s subtype analyses and bioprofile elucidation help further dissect the key biological mechanisms and define subpopulations. By implementing robust testing at each stage, VIVO prevents overfitting, maintains statistical power, and extracts maximum value from your raw data.

Automate data science
VIVO enables rapid experimentation

VIVO is an end-to-end pipeline transforming raw data to final biological insight, designed to allow maximum flexibility to experiment and modify workflows with flexible functionalities for biology. 

Our team of data scientists, with biomarker discovery expertise in computational biology and neuroscience, will partner with you to utilize the VIVO platform and quickly explore a wide range of AI/ML workflows and solutions, generating biomarker insights founded on accuracy, precision, and biological interpretability.

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