Video and voice analytics for behavior and emotion analysis, telemedicine and clinical trial biomarkers

The VIVO platform offers AI-fueled video and voice analytics for improved behavior and emotion analysis and digital biomarker discovery. The platform supports automated, multimodal machine learning using video, voice and text to build applications around engagement, emotion, mental state and physical health. 

  • The use of video offers new insights into patients’ emotional and cognitive state that can be used to identify digital biomarkers and create digital diagnostic applications
  • For mental health, neurodegenerative and neurocognitive disorders, enrich clinical trials to better stratify patients and more quantitatively assess therapeutic response
  • Extract facial and emotion detection features, apply NLP techniques, and train machine learning models on video, voice and text
  • Combine voice and video with other instrumentation and wearables into multimodal analyses to create meaningful biomarkers of disease and response
  • Developed for neuroscience, digital health and telehealth applications

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