Data Insights Platform for Life Sciences

ERGO allows you to extract insights to make meaningful discoveries from the world’s biomedical knowledge. Explore what is known about a biomedical entity such as a gene, disease, or drug, to answer questions and discover new connections. Your proprietary data can be integrated to put your results in context of what is known. ERGO creates a unified, curated set of ML-ready biomedical data.

Accelerate identification and prioritization of novel drug targets
ERGO empowers scientists to quickly identify and prioritize novel drug targets using available information in one location.

Better prioritize your lead compounds and de-risk subsequent investments
Compare compound performance across early stage discovery to identify leads, suggest MOA, and discover other therapeutics targeting similar diseases, pathways, and targets.

Analyze your proprietary assays and data within the larger biological context
ERGO integrates your proprietary data within the biological knowledge network allowing you to use this  larger biological context to assess significance, enrichments, and better interpret results.

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