NLP for Science, Medicine and Technology

The ERGO platform allows scientists to more quickly discover new and hidden relationships in large sets of literature and unstructured text, such as the patent literature, pubmed, claims, clinical trials, and clinical documentation. State-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) methods are used to extract scientific, biological and medical entities and learn semantic relationships from unstructured text data. Insights are presented in an intuitive user interface in a number of graphical formats.

  • Rapidly put the results of biological assays and analyses into the context of scientific literature to prioritize drug and biomarker discovery
  • Application is pre-configured with human genes and proteins, molecular pathways, drugs and chemicals, symptoms, diseases, scientific relationships
  • Insights and connections are displayed in a beautiful and intuitive user interface, custom designed for scientists
  • Configurable application for accelerated integration of domain-specific dictionaries and automation to keep the literature set current
  • Corpus of literature can easily be extended to include proprietary / customized literature sets
  • A cloud scale application ready to deploy for your domain area

Read more about how we’ve implemented our ERGO platform to accelerate research in COVID-19, oncology, and agricultural biotech.

Some of our thoughts on using NLP to advance discovery