LLM powered knowledge platform built for life sciences

Biological expertise meets ChatGPT

A chat-based application that unifies insights from internal and external data for Clinical R&D, Medical Affairs, and Business Development teams
Using BIOMind

Research insights: “What academic centers or hospitals are conducting research in [disease]?”

Trial design insights:
“What biomarkers have been used for [disease]?"

Clinical trial insights: “What are enrollment timelines for clinical trials in [disease]”?

KOL insights:
“What are the top insights by key opinion leaders in [disease]?”

Why BIOMind?

Answers are linked to source data and specific information used to generate your answers

BIOMind relies on a private LLM that can be deployed inside a private cloud ensuring the integrity of propietary data

BIOMind accesses grounded knowledge bases for genes, diseases, drugs, and endpoints to answer complex biological and clinical trial questions

BIOMind's sources include public life sciences data (pubmed, social media,, and more), and can include proprietary data

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Next Steps

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Using BIOMind