About Us

We build AI Applications for Healthcare and Life Sciences companies.
Our expert team of PhD-trained Data Scientists and Engineers has deep domain knowledge in biology, medicine, and AI including machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, voice and video analytics, and bioinformatics to support drug development, clinical trial optimization, biomarker discovery, cloud-connected medical devices, and digital therapeutic analytics.

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Our Purpose

Guide our clients through the golden age of biotech using the ever-increasing understanding of biology and cloud-scale computational resources to build data science applications to improve quality of life.

Our Vision

Use our expertise to accelerate our clients’ advances in human health, nutrition, therapeutics, diagnostics, and behavior creating profound advances for humanity.

Why we would work with us

Data engineering and product development experts

We align AI with your mission

We bring best in class technology

Located in the Texas Medical Center of Innovation

We are life sciences AI experts

We are mission driven

We are a real partner

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Contact us to arrange an exploratory call to identify and discuss AI/ML possibilities to accelerate your organization’s mission. From strategy to implementation to managed services, our team partners with you at all stages.