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Our take on the world of life sciences, data science, and technology.

Why we would work with us

We are life sciences AI experts.

Our team has 100+ publications in genomics, neuroscience, multi-omic pathway analysis, oncology, and physics. We understand the domain and are able to move faster to solve hard problems.

We are data engineering and product development experts.

We integrate product management, software engineering and data science to deliver scalable, automated solutions.

We bring best in class technology.

Tools and infrastructure for AI applications are changing rapidly. We bring technology from the tech industry to the life sciences industry.

We are mission driven.

We recruit people who want to have a real, beneficial impact on people’s lives and make the world a better place.

We align AI with your business objectives.

Mercury Data Science was created to enable high growth VC ecosystem companies to move faster. We know that technical problem solving must be aligned with business strategy.

We are a real partner.

We succeed when our clients succeed. We are willing to take risks alongside our clients.

We’re proud to call these clients partners