We're a team of scientists who love data

Our team of PhD trained scientists have over 30 years of experience leveraging machine learning into actionable insights.

Angela Wilkins, PhD

Angela Wilkins, the founder of Mercury Data Science, holds a Masters and Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Lehigh University. As a National Library of Medicine fellow at Baylor College of Medicine, she developed algorithms to understand evolution and improve protein engineering. Her work has been published in Nature, Cell, and PNAS. She further developed her machine learning knowledge in the biomedical field as part of IBM's Watson AI and DARPA Simplex Project. She is a formerly research faculty at Baylor College of Medicine, and previously led projects at the policy think tank, Center of Science and Law.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to help clients harness the size, speed, and fluidity of their data in predictive ways for the greater good of their business.
We aim to build a culture that attracts, retains and develops exceptional team members.





Work with us

We believe that building a strong team starts with taking care of our people.

Mercury Data Science is always looking for skilled and motivated individuals with a strong expertise in the application of data analytics and machine learning technologies to real-world problems. Applicants must be able to work both independently and as a part of teams, have attention to detail, client-oriented and a proactive mindset. If this describes you, please contact us below with a CV or Resume.