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MDS started in 2017 as a partnership between Angela Wilkins and Mercury Fund (a VC). The idea was to be able to help high growth rate companies build mission critical products quickly by “parachuting-in” an experienced Data Science Team. Sometimes we were the client’s first Data Science team and sometimes we were additive to a Data Science team in place. By deploying the MDS team, with a deep range of technology expertise plus experience in integrating with client project teams, we found that we could make the development process faster and more efficient. As we grew past 15 employees, and with an increasingly diverse client base, we decided to become an independent consulting firm (Mercury Fund is an investor).

Our corporate culture is an important part of who we are. Our Data Scientists love this job because of the opportunity to work at the cutting edge in the data science field and to build products that have real impact into people’s lives. We seek out innovative clients with challenging data science problems and believe that our only measure of success is our client’s success.

We are based in Houston but have clients across the US (places like Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, Virginia, and, of course, Houston). Angela Wilkins and Dan Watkins are Co-CEO’s.

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