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We Build AI Applications for
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Experts in AI and Life Sciences

We are a mission driven team of data science experts partnering with our clients to integrate analytics and machine learning capabilities to improve care, enhance discoveries, and enable data-driven decisions.
Agricultural Biotech
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“We are entering a golden age of biotech - an age of exponential innovation driven by our increased understanding of biology and accelerating computational technology. We are committed to using our expertise to accelerate our clients' advances in human health, nutrition, therapeutics, diagnostics and behavior, creating profound advances for humanity.”

- Mercury Data Science

We develop, deploy, and manage AI driven solutions.

Our work supports these industries: Biotech/BioPharma, MedTech, Digital Health, Healthcare, Insurance, Tech

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Our areas of focus

Natural Language Processing

We use state-of-the-art methods to extract domain-specific entities and learn semantic relationships from unstructured text data (scientific literature, patents, clinical trials, etc.)

Video and Voice Analytics

We engineer video, voice and text analytics products to quantify human behavior and extract digital biomarkers to provide information about engagement, emotion, mental state and physical health.


We are domain experts in computational biology with technical expertise in biomarker discovery, genomics / GWAS, mechanism of action (MOA), multi-omics and pathway studies.

Machine Learning

We engineer custom pipelines for feature extraction and modeling across a wide variety of data types (customer, device/sensor, images, etc.). Our team has expertise in time series forecasting, computer vision, and other statistical machine learning methods including deep learning.

Our work in action

Our Platforms

For applications focused on NLP or video analytics, our cloud based platforms allow us to rapidly build AI-driven solutions.

Next Steps

From strategy to deployment, we partner with you where you are in the AI/ML lifecycle.

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